Trashies drop a new "Rotten Egg"!!!!

The Octagon is now fully available on-line and yours to order! Spray painted, screen-printed and coming with a fine booklet of literary information.
Nab a copy tonite in Portland, OR at their last record release show!

Listen to and order the record HERE!

Pick Up a copy in Oakland, CA at Contact Records, Econo Jam Records & 1234 Go! Records.

Trashies, "Octagon" lp up for pre-sale!

Fine Concepts: Announcing the new Trashies LP available 10/13/17. Trashies will be playing 2 shows in the Pacific North West to commemorate the new release. Order now and preview two new songs!

"The Octagon is uncanny and cracked, scrappy and manic — the work of a band at wits’ end. It’s the 5th album by The Trashies, and a model for bucking late-career complacency: The Octagon sounds like nothing in the dada-bards of garbage rock’s madcap discography. The production skews homespun-to-crude; the songs, whether woozy or chittering, feel frenzied. Still, it’s occasionally gorgeous, and boasts flights of lyrical invention. Passages of illegible noise — probably power-tools, maybe a twisted tailpipe — cede to infernal couplets (“Heavy Door”) and sauntering prettiness (“Fresh Honey”). The Trashies, split between Oakland and Seattle, recorded The Octagon across a span of three years in various living-rooms and rehearsal dens throughout the Pacific Northwest. It’s co-released by Oakland’s Fine Concepts and the band’s own 24/7 Records, and features artwork by Max Nordile and Erin Allen, hand screened at Fine Concepts Laboratories."- Sam Lefebvre

now offering printed matter...

17.5" x 22.5" screen printed poster by Erin Allen
Pictured above is the new poster we now offer. The first in what we hope will be an on going series. The idea being that we exploit the imagination and skilled labor of our own, Erin Allen, to assist with funding future releases. This first poster is a reproduction of a Daily Gil cartoon that appeared originally in the Chicago-based punk fanzine, No Friends. It is recommended that you hang the poster near other objects as it will never appear to be level (this drove our photographer crazy).
For 10 dollars (plus shipping and handling) we will mail you a poster in a tube either in the shape of a cylinder or a prism.  
$10.oo + $4.oo postage/packaging

Straight Crimes receives "Best Band" hashtag.... A Career First!

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And the band appears to be ELATED with such wonderful news! While hard at work mastering and sequencing their upcoming cassette tape "Excellent Selections Live", they are stocking local Oakland, CA record and cassette shops with their most recent effort, "Jams, With Microphone. 2017", which has garnished word-of-mouth unwritten compliments from many listeners. I'm in the garden right now thinking of it. Really. You can listen to and order the "Jams, With Microphone. 2017" tape here in our catalogue section or visit this link HERE to order... STAY TUNED & STAY HYPED

Recording Artists, Nerve Beats, come to town...

Nerve Beats comes to Oakland this Wed as part of their short tour before their US tour in support of their full length "New Essentials".
Be SURE to check out the fresh new material they are likely to play at these shows posted on their bandcamp!
Here are their posted dates thus far:

7.22 Olympia w/ UK Gold
7.23 Bellingham @ Karate Church
7.25 NoCal TBA
7.26 Oakland
7.27 NoCal TBA
7.29 Portland @ The Know w/ Sad Horse and Way Worse
7.30 TBA

Another wonderful flyer by Max Nordile.  

tyranny of the new!!!

photo taken by Justin Clifford Rhody

Hear I am with a film for one of some of the new posters I'll be selling through this fine blog called fine concepts. Be sure to visit the links section I just put up on the Right hand side--->

A new Straight Crimes song is out now on a 10 CD box set compilation put out by Rat Skin Records. We got Nerve Beats Tour dates coming soon.

I hate paper work! But somehow we are getting those records in well before the end of 2017.  The Trashies inserts are eventually getting photocopied and further down the release rumor mill we have some possible cassettes formulating by Straight Crimes, Wall and Others.  Stay tuned to this amazing blog. Please.


Listen and or Purchase this FINE