Nerve Beats 12" album up for Pre-Sale and is Streeeeeaaaammmmiiiinnngggg....

I am pleased to announce that the vinyl for the new Nerve Beats full length has arrived! I now have the daunting task of screen printing and hot gluing 500 record jackets ahead of me. In 2018, Nerve Beats will tour in support of this release. Personally- this is representing some sort of "full circle" stylie of circumstances, given that I recorded this album on my tascam 424 mkiii 4 track machine at the end of their last US tour.
I just made the album available to stream for yallsies to listen to while I color match the chosen art color with ink and warm up the hot glue gun.
All advance orders are much appreciated because they will help to fund the costs of promoting the record-- which includes sending "free" records out to possible reviewers and buying (hopefully) some ads in underground publications-- all hopefully before the record is released.... eek.... which is slated for either the beginning of or midway thru January of 2018.

Stream the whole album at our BandCamp page!
Pre-Order the album at our BandCamp page!

Also available is the new Trashies LP and the recently released Straight Crimes cassette which you should also check out!